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About Us

Golden Handshake is an investment platform that brings together more than 20 professional Forex market participants. Experience and constant theoretical work served as the basis for creating high-yield investment strategies.

Thanks to the online platform Golden Handshake, investments become simple and accessible to everyone. Our team of analysts has developed effective trading strategies that take into account the current economic situation. Now you do not need to spend time studying the basics of the Forex market, studying trading instruments, technical and fundamental analysis. It is enough to become a member of our investment platform, and everything else will be done for you.

All operations of distribution of funds between users of the online platform and our traders are fully automated. Funds are accepted via this website. To become a member of the system, you need to register. After registration, you will be able to top up your account and invest in your chosen tariff plan. After that, funds will be credited to Your account.

Join the number of successful people now and get financial freedom and a secure future!

0.8% for 24 hours
Min. amount:10 usd
Max. amount:300 usd
Term:60 days
Deposit Return
1.2% for 24 hours
Min. amount:301 usd
Max. amount:1000 usd
Term:60 days
Deposit Return
1.5% for 24 hours
Min. amount:1001 usd
Max. amount:10000 usd
Term:90 days
Deposit Return
7.3% daily
Min. amount:10 usd
Term:15 days
Deposit includ
8.3% daily
Min. amount:2000 usd
Term:15 days
Deposit includ
9.3% daily
Min. amount:7000 usd
Term:15 days
Deposit includ

Affiliate program


Invite investors to the project and receive commissions in the amount of 5% -2%-1% according to the referral level.